Complementary coffee maker

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The free availability of a coffee maker includes the purchase of 300 capsules of your choice for $ 260 (30 boxes of 10) and a monthly subscription for 12 months with a minimum purchase of 100 dollars of Caffe Irazu per month.

The value of the coffee maker is 169.90 dollars. Subscription includes maintenance. In case of breakage, the customer must refund the full amount of the coffee maker. At the end of the 12 months, the purchase amount of the coffee maker is $ 19 + Taxes

The company "Irazu" reserves the right to recover the machine if the quantity of capsules ordered per month is not respected.
By validating this purchase, the customer agrees to return the subscription form

Offer valid only in Quebec.

* Photo not contractual, the machine made available may vary according to the offers in progress